In this article, we’ll look at the browser version of CEX.IO, one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges.

Main page

As soon as you create an account on CEX.IO, you get to the main page where you can see the spot trading window.

  • Spot trading

Here you can place orders to buy & sell cryptocurrency, study price charts, and track your trade history.

Clicking on the Spot Trading button will drop down a meny with various options.

Here, you can find functions for both individual traders and businesses. In addition to the spot trading market, which is available on the home screen, there is also margin trading (leveraged by the exchange).

Also, in this window, you can perform basic operations such as replenishing your wallet or buying & selling cryptocurrency.

Let’s move on to the study of the working panel, starting from the upper-right corner.

Depositing and withdrawal of funds

Click on the Deposit button, and you’ll see a new window for funding your account.

Here you can choose the funding method and the type of currency.

If you click on Withdraw, a window for withdrawing funds will open, looking much like the Deposit menu.

Let’s move on to the more important stuff now.


If you click on the account icon, you’ll see a list of various functions.

Here you can fill out your account details and submit documents for KYC (Know Your Customer) verification to increase security.

The exchange lets you track your account activity. offers a mobile application considered to be very convenient by most users.


If you want to use the exchange to the maximum, you can’t possibly do without the verification procedure. To complete it, click on the Verification button under the same account icon.

The exchange offers three KYC tiers with different benefits and limitations. The process is fairly simple, and the platform guides you the whole way through. 

Now let’s get back to the main screen.


Hovering over the Fees button, you’ll see two tabs:

  • Limits and commissions

These are the different limits & fees for your account depending on the level of identity verification.

! Make sure to read the small print at the bottom of that list: it may contain information about territorial restrictions, and therefore, your ability to deposit and withdraw funds on

Scroll further down below, and you’ll see a detailed breakdown of limits and commissions on depositing and withdrawing funds.

Apart from details for fiat currencies, you can view limits and commissions for cryptocurrency deposits & withdrawals, too. 

Now let’s go back to the Fees button and click Fee Schedule.

This is your personalised fee schedule. is designed in such a way that the current transaction fees are based on the user’s past 30-day total trading volume.

Also, from this page, you can go to the Deposit/Withdrawal Fees tab, which shows commissions for depositing & withdrawing funds on various platforms, depending on the type of fiat currency.


Next on the top menu bar is the Finance button.

All operational information about your account is available here. In this tab you can:

  • Check & top up your balance
  • Track your transaction history
  • View the list of completed trades 
  • See margin trading results


Next, on the top panel, you see the Cards button.

This is information about all bank cards linked to your account. You can add a new one using the +Add new card button. Here you can also deposit funds from the desired card, or withdraw cryptocurrency to it.

Affiliate program

The next stop is the Affiliate Program button.

This is the CEX.IO referral program; here you can generate a referral link to share with your friends. CEX.IO offers 30% commissions on the trade fees of all the users that you invite. More details can be found in the Information tab.


Visiting all these pages, you will surely notice an icon in the bottom-right corner.

This is the support window. Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions, as well as write to the chat and ask a question. 

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