In this article, we’ll talk about how to withdraw cryptocurrency from Binance using the mobile app (available on both Android and iOS). 

Mind that the Binance mobile app has two interfaces: Lite and Pro. As the names suggest, Lite has simpler functionality while Pro offers advanced options. 

When you first log into the app, the Binance Lite interface is set as default. To switch to Pro, on the main screen in the upper left corner, click on the account icon.

Next, you’ll see a slider allowing you to switch between the two interfaces.

Click on it, and you’re all set: now the Binance Pro interface is now active.

How to withdraw fiat from Binance

Before withdrawing fiat money from Binance, you need to keep 2 things in mind. The first is that you need to have the fiat money on your Binance account. 

The second is that in order to withdraw fiat, you first need to complete KYC verification, and have your Binance account name match the one stated on your bank card or whatever other payment method you’re using. If you haven’t completed Binance KYC yet, you’ll be asked to do so right in the withdrawal process. 

Now let’s find out how to withdraw fiat money from Binance to a card or payment service account.

  • Binance Lite

On the main screen, click on the wallet icon in the bottom-right corner.

In the wallet overview window, click “Withdraw”. 

Next, in the Cash tab, look for the currency — for example, Euros (EUR).

Binance supports all more or less known payment methods, including most banks and payment services like PayPal, Revolut, Advcash, Payeer, and more. It also supports SWIFT transfers. The exact choice of withdrawal methods will depend on your selected region. 

Choose your payment method, and make sure you agree with the fees. 

In the next window, enter the amount. Make sure to check the Notice section in the top-right: it contains important information about nuances and limitations for your selected payment method. Once done, click Continue, and confirm your transaction using your 2FA (SMS/Email/Authenticator). The funds will arrive on your card or payment account as soon as the transaction is processed.  

  • Binance Pro

Click on the wallet icon in the lower right corner of the main page.

In the wallet overview window, click “Withdraw”, and make sure you’re in the “Cash” tab.


Then choose your currency to withdraw — for example, US dollars (USD).

Next, you’ll see a window with all the payment methods available for the selected currency. Choose the one that suits you best (if there’s more than one) and make sure you agree with the fees. Enter the amount and confirm the transaction using your 2FA (SMS/Email/Authenticator code). Your funds will arrive as soon as the transaction is processed. 

  • P2P trading

You can also withdraw your money by selling (or buying) crypto via the built-in P2P trading platform. P2P stands for Peer-to-Peer and is basically trading directly with other Binance users, bypassing the platform’s own deposit and withdrawal mechanisms. 

This method has extra steps to it, but is entirely free — no fees are paid to the platform on either side of the deal. The process goes like this: you find a merchant, send (or receive from) them the agreed amount of funds outside of Binance, and then close the deal by releasing an equivalent amount of crypto directly between your Binance accounts. 

Before making a P2P trade, make sure you have your desired amount of crypto to sell on your Binance Funding Wallet. To do it, go to Wallets and, in the new window, click “Transfer”. 

Choose your Spot (or any other) wallet as the source and your Funding wallet as your destination. Then choose the coin you’d like to sell, enter the amount, and click “Confirm”. Your funds will be transferred immediately.  

Once done, you’re ready to trade P2P; here’s how.

Using the Binance Pro interface, click P2P trading on the main page.

Next, go to Sell and select the cryptocurrency you want to exchange for fiat. For example, it’s USDT. Also, make sure your desired fiat currency is set in the top-right. 

Now it’s time to choose our payment method. You can also filter the deals by the amount available to trade. You can even save your favourite filters using the “Filter” button on the right. Choose your payment method — for example, Zelle. Once done, you’ll get a list of all the ads from the available merchants.


Now let’s choose our merchant. Make sure to pick one with a high percentage of completed trades and a large number of orders (1000 or more). Also, make sure that your desired amount is within the limits of the selected merchant — otherwise, your trade just won’t be possible.

If everything is looking right, tap on the “Sell” button. 

On the next page, enter the amount you’d like to sell and make sure to read the notes at the footer — these may contain some important information about the merchant. Also pay attention to the price quote in the top-left as it may change if you linger on the page. 

Now make sure your desired payment method is connected here. If not, you’ll be asked to add it right away. If everything’s OK and you agree with the terms, click “Sell”.

You’ll see a window with the deal, and the timer will immediately start; usually, it’s up to 15 minutes, although it varies depending on your payment method. 

Now the merchant must send you the amount agreed via the payment method specified. If it’s a bank card, you should be checking your bank app or website to see if the payment has arrived. 

Once the merchant has transferred the funds, they’ll mark the order as paid, and now it’s your turn to send them your crypto. 

Caution: Never EVER send release your crypto to the merchant until you’ve seen with your very own eyes that your payment has successfully arrived. Even if the merchant is trying to assure you that it’s all good, showing receipts, or trying to rush you (especially if they’re trying to rush you). Keep checking your bank or payment account, and if the payment doesn’t arrive when the timer hits 10 minutes, then you should contact support and get Binance to settle the dispute.

If all is good and the payment has indeed arrived, click “Release crypto”; read the risk warning, agree with the terms, and click “Confirm”. Your crypto will now be sent directly to the buyer. 

Congratulations: you have successfully withdrawn crypto from Binance using P2P.  

How to withdraw crypto from Binance to other platforms

And now, for withdrawing cryptocurrencies to other crypto accounts, such as exchanges or wallets. Once again, we’ll consider a way to do it via each version of the interface. 

  • Binance Lite

In the lower right corner of the main page, click on the Wallet icon.

On the next page, click “Withdraw”. 

Then go to the Crypto tab and find and select the token you want to withdraw. 

In our case it’s USDT. Tap on it, and you’ll see a crypto withdrawal form. 

Now, in the address field, you need to paste the address of the crypto wallet or exchange account that you’re going to withdraw the money to. Here’s how to do it. 

For example, we’ll be withdrawing to a KuCoin account. 

Go to the KuCoin mobile app and click “Deposit”.

You’ll see a list of coins; select the one you’d like to send from Binance — in this case, it’s USDT. Now it’s time to choose the network. 

The choice of network is ultimately up to you; most people go for the one that offers the lowest fees. Your ‘main’ choice of network is always the one on the platform you’re withdrawing money FROM, not to; we’ll be getting back to that later. 

However, on Binance, the lowest fees are offered on the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) network, which is not available on KuCoin. 

It’s usually advisable to go for the native chain of the token itself, e.g. Ethereum network for USDT, but the Ethereum blockchain is notorious for its gas fees, so we’ll be going for the Tron (TRX-20) network in this case.  

Important: Make sure that your withdrawal networks match on both Binance and the exchange or wallet you’re sending the money to. If the networks don’t match — the transaction will fail and your funds will be lost in the process.  

In some cases, like with single-blockchain services like Phantom Wallet, the Network field will be filled automatically. 

Once the network is selected, copy the address. You can also save the QR Code or keep it open on another screen to scan later. 

Now let’s go back to our Binance withdrawal page and complete the transaction. 

Paste the address in the address field or scan the QR code with your phone. Once the address is pasted, enter the amount you wish to transfer. 

Sometimes you might get a network match failure warning — it means you have selected the wrong network. Make sure to change it to the one that matches your target address.

Below you will see the amount to be received on the wallet minus the commission. Also, take note of the Tips section: it may contain some useful info. If everything suits you fine — click Withdraw and confirm the transaction with your 2FA: SMS/Email/Authenticator code. 

The funds will arrive on your target wallet as soon as the network confirms the transaction. 

  • Binance Pro

Withdrawing crypto from Binance via the Pro interface is pretty much the same as withdrawing it from Lite except for a couple of minor differences. Let’s find out what those are.  


On the main page, you need to click on the wallet icon in the bottom-right.

Next, tap on the Withdraw button in the wallet window. 

Choose or find your desired crypto in the coin list, and tap on it. In our case, it’s USDT

And now for the first difference. Binance Pro offers you two ways to withdraw your cryptos: Send via Crypto network and Send via Email/Phone/PayID.

The former is exactly what we’ve just shown you in the guide above, while the latter allows you to send cryptocurrency directly to another Binance user bypassing all inconveniences and third-party withdrawal mechanisms. If you know someone with a confirmed Binance account, you can just paste their email address, phone number, or Pay ID here, and instantly send them your crypto with no commissions. 

If you still want to withdraw crypto outside of Binance, tap “Send via Crypto Network”, and repeat the steps from the guide on the Lite interface.  

The only real difference here is that the Pro interface version lets you choose to withdraw your cryptos from either your Spot wallet or your Funding wallet. Otherwise the process is exactly the same as in the guide above. 

Fetch the address from the target wallet (see instructions above for more details), and paste it into the address field. Choose the network (also refer to the guide above), and enter the amount. Now choose the wallet you’ll be withdrawing the cryptos from. Binance allows you to withdraw from either the spot wallet or the funding wallet. Choose yours, and click “Withdraw”. Confirm the operation with your 2FA, and the funds will arrive on your target wallet as soon as the network confirms the transaction. 

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