Binance supports a number of ways to deposit money to your account. Some of them come at a fee (and those are usually the fastest), some of them don’t. We’ll walk you through how to top up your fiat balance on Binance using the mobile app. The app is available for both iOS and Android.

Open the Binance mobile app. Mind that the Binance app has two types of interface: Lite and Pro. Lite is more simplified, while Pro offers advanced functionality. 

When you first log into the app, the Binance Lite interface is set by default. To switch to Pro, click on the account button in the upper left corner of the main screen.

Next, you’ll see a slider allowing you to switch between interfaces.

Click on it — and you’re good: now the Binance Pro interface is active.

How to deposit fiat from a card on Binance Lite

Binance Lite

On the main screen, click on the wallet icon in the lower-right corner.

In the wallet window that opens up, press Deposit.

Next, make sure you’re in the Fiat tab, and then select the currency you’re going to be depositing.

Binance supports 13 fiat currencies for depositing. For example, we want to deposit the British pound. 

Choose your desired currency, and you’ll be shown all the deposit methods available for it.

Mind that each currency has a different set of methods, and not all of them might work at all times. 

In this example, we can only deposit pounds via a bank transfer, which comes at a 1.8% fee. Enter the amount to deposit, and pay attention to your transaction method. You have to have connected a card or a supported payment service  connected prior to the transaction. 

If you haven’t added any payment methods yet — then tap “Add payment method” to add a new one or “Change card” if you wish to change an existing one.

If all is good, then tap “Continue” and confirm the deposit. The funds will arrive on your Binance account as soon as the transaction is processed. 

Binance Pro

Enable the Binance Pro interface. 

On the main page, press Deposit.

Find your desired currency in the list. 

For example, we’ll be depositing British pounds. Tap on the currency, and you’ll see a deposit window with all the payment methods available for the set currency. 

Choose the one that suits you best, and make sure you agree with the fees. If all is looking fine, click “Continue”. 

In the next window, enter the amount and make sure you have a payment method connected. In this case, it’s a bank card. You can always add or change your bank card by tapping the respective button in this window. 

Also, make sure to familiarize yourself with the transaction requirements (found in the top-right). This window contains information about your per-day and per-transaction limits. 

Once done, click “Continue” and confirm the transaction. The money will land on your Binance wallet as soon as the transaction is processed. 

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