MetaMask is one of the most popular decentralized wallets for storing cryptocurrency on Ethereum or other compatible networks (Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, etc.) 

In this article, we will learn how to fund a MetaMask wallet via Binance using their mobile apps, available on both iOS and Android.

Open the Binance app. Before you begin, choose two types of interface: Lite and Pro.

Mind that the Binance mobile app has two interfaces: Lite and Pro. As the names suggest, Lite has simpler functionality while Pro offers advanced options. 

When you first log into the app, the Binance Lite interface is set as default. To switch to Pro, on the main screen in the upper left corner, click on the account icon.

Next, you’ll see a slider allowing you to switch between the two interfaces.

Click on it, and you’re all set: now the Binance Pro interface is now active.

You can switch back to Lite as easily by tapping the same slider button in the main menu. 

Funding MetaMask via Binance

Each network has its own native currency, which is automatically displayed in MetaMask as soon as you add a new network. How to add a network to MetaMask, you can read here.

These native coins are used to pay gas fees to complete transactions. Let’s say we decide to work with the Binance Smart Chain network, which has BNB as its native currency.

Binance Lite

Click on the Wallet icon in the bottom-right of the main page.

In the wallet overview section, click Withdrawal.

Then go to the Crypto tab, look for the token you need (BNB) and select it.

You’ll be directed to a form for filling in translation details.

Now we need our MetaMask wallet address. 

Open the MetaMask mobile app and copy the address on the main screen by tapping on it. Please note that the Binance Smart Chain network must be active in the wallet (shown at the very top, below your account name).

Paste it into the Address field in the Binance crypto withdrawal window. The network will be filled in automatically, but always make sure it’s the network you need. In our case, it’s BSC, which it is. 

Be warned that in case the selected networks don’t match, your transaction will fail, and the funds will be lost. We know that’s not how it’s done in traditional finance, where funds will be returned to you if a transaction fails. For now, that is the way in crypto. 

Now enter the amount you wish to transfer. Below you will see the amount to be received on the wallet minus the fee. If everything suits you — click Withdraw. Confirm the withdrawal with 2FA (SMS/Email/Authenticator code), and wait for your funds to arrive as soon as the network completes the transfer. 

Binance Pro

The first step is exactly the same as in the Lite version. 

On the main page, you need to click on the wallet icon in the lower-right.

Next, choose the wallet you’re going to be withdrawing the money from — most often it’s Spot of Funding — and click “Withdraw”. Make sure you’ve got the funds you wish to transfer on this wallet. You can transfer the money between your internal Binance wallets using the “Transfer” button in the wallet overview window. 

Make sure you’re in the Crypto tab. Now find the BNB token in the list or via the search bar and click on it.

Next, choose the Send via Crypto Network option.

Now we need to get the MetaMask wallet address. Open the MetaMask mobile app and copy the address on the main screen by tapping it once.

Go back to the Binance app, and paste it into the Address field there. 

Then enter the number of tokens that you want to withdraw to MetaMask and make sure you agree with the fees. One way Binance Pro differs from Lite is that it allows you to choose your withdrawal wallet right in this window. 


Before you proceed, make sure to read the “Tips” section at the bottom of this page — it contains useful info about your transaction limits etc. Once done, click the Withdraw button and confirm the withdrawal using one of your linked 2FA methods — Email/SMS/Authenticator code.

Once done, go to the MetaMask wallet app and check if the funds have arrived.

That’s it! We hope you found this guide helpful. Make sure to check out our other guides to better understand crypto wallets and other services. 

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