How to deposit crypto on Binance

To trade on Binance, you first need to have cryptocurrency in your Binance wallet. 

There are a few ways to top up your crypto wallet: Card Deposit, Credit/Debit Card, P2P trading, Fiat/Cash, and Third-Party Payment. 

In this article, we’ll look at how to go about each. 

Before buying crypto, make sure you have completed your Binance login routine, including KYC (Know Your Customer)/and 2FA (2-factor authentication). Once done, follow the instructions below.

How to buy crypto using Debit/Credit Card

  • To top up your Binance wallet with a bank card, go to the “Buy Crypto” tab on the main page.

In the drop-down menu, choose a way to deposit with a card: Card Deposit, Credit/Debit Card, or “Cash balance”.

The fees are calculated at the moment of the transaction. The exact number shows up before the confirmation of the transfer, but you can expect it to be 1.49% or more. For lower fees, consider the PRO subscription, although the exact size will also vary by the number of funds you’re trading. 

You can also set up a Recurring Buy algorithm and have it buy crypto for you automatically over a set time period.  

  • Choose the currency you need to deposit (you can pick any coin available on Binance), then choose a payment method. The commission for buying with a debit card is 3.3%. For credit cards, the commission is higher.
  • Enter the amount to deposit alongside card details, and click “confirm”.
  • That’s it: the money will now be sent to your Binance wallet.

Note: some banks may charge fees on top of your order fees. Make sure to find out about yours before you buy crypto with a debit/credit card on Binance. 

Top up Binance account via Third-Party Payment

Binance has a number of third-party payment services that it trusts with some of its transactions. The commissions, speed, and overall convenience will vary from partner to partner and are ultimately up to you. 

Normally, the commission is between 1.99% and 3.5%.

Here’s how to by crypto with third parties 

  • Go to Buy Crypto -> Third-Party Payment
  • On the first page, choose the currency you’d like to deposit on Binance. After that, you’ll be offered exchange options.
  • To view the terms and conditions of Binance’s third-party partners, enter the amount, select the service and click “Details”.
  • To use a third-party service for depositing money on Binance, agree with Terms and Conditions and click “Continue”. 
  • Next, you’ll be asked to fill in your card details, Binance wallet, email address, and phone number. Normally, funds are credited to your account very quickly. If you have any issues, make sure to contact the support service of the third-party service you topped up your account with.

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